A Message Expressing Our Deep Concern and Care for your Well-Being

To our family of valued customers and friends:

The world has just entered another watershed moment, with great impact to ourselves and our loved ones. How can we survive this health crisis that we are now experiencing? First of all, we here at EXOTIC TREASURES ABACO, would like to express our deep concern for your wellbeing. Recently, we have experienced the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian on the island of Abaco. Nevertheless, our hope has not waned and we have come through this with greater resilience. We wish to convey to you the comfort that we received and a hope that can inspire all of us in these uncertain times.

For many of us, the uncertainty of what’s happening and what will happen is causing us great anxiety. This is understandable and something that is natural to humans. We too experienced anxious moments and uncertainty as we waited out slow-moving Dorian for three days. We would like to share with you one of the things that sustained us during that uncertain time when we did not know if we would survive the storm. As simplistic as it may seem, the advice and words of one of the greatest prophets and leaders in history helped us to maintain our balance: “Sufficient for each day is its own anxiety.” Rather than reflecting on what could happen, we channeled our energies and took the necessary precautions to survive the storm. We relocated from the structure that we were staying in to a more sturdy structure located on the property and one that would have been more protection during the storm surge.  How does that translate in practical terms? What lesson is there for us in the light of what we are now facing with COVID-19? The lesson is this: no one in the world knew or could have known the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian on the island of Abaco. In a similar vein, we do not know the outcome of the current global pandemic. But rather than being paralyzed by fear of what may yet happen, each of us could take practical health measures that could minimize the risks of contracting this deadly virus. Each of us can cooperate with local authorities with the measures they put in place for our protection to curtail the spread of the virus. And each of us can instill in our families moral and spiritual values that will help them to cope in these stressful times. This is what we have found that helped us during our ordeal with Hurricane Dorian, along with the support that we received from our close-knit association of relatives and friends. Since these are tried and tested principles, we are certain that they can also work for you.

Thank you for supporting our business over the years in the Marsh Harbor International Airport. Currently, we can be found at our website, https://abacoexotictreasures.com. Our telephone contacts are: (242)577-5528, or (954)284-6574. You may email us at info@abacoexotictreasures.com

Our sincere desire and hope is that you and your family would come through these challenging times unscathed with the resilience to face the future with confidence.

Yours very sincerely,

Mervyn and Brenee Drakes

Telephone: (242)577-5528/(954)284-6574

Website: https://abacoexotictreasures.com

Email: info@abacoexotictreasures.com

Email: info@abacoexotictreasures.com